Hi all, Is there an equivalent of Excel's ind...

(Ivan Oboth) #1

Hi all, Is there an equivalent of Excel’s indirect formula in appsheet expressions?

I’m trying to get the column name from a string in current row. This is the Formula i’ve tried SELECT(Table"["&[Attribute]&"]", TRUE)

My Assumption “[”&[Attribute]&"]" evaluates to [Field1], and as such the above formula should evaluate to

SELECT(Table[Field1], TRUE) Any ideas how i could achieve this?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Ivan_Oboth, what you’re trying to do here is called “dynamic binding” in a programming language. We do not support this.

You can see why — when we check the expression, we have no clue what it is going to be. Is it a list of Images or a list of Text or a list of Numbers? It might be different for every single row. So suddenly we have a completely untyped expression system. You can build a platform that way, but you require very sophisticated users and a very robust debugging environment because all kinds of errors will occur “at run time” that will be difficult to predict.

(Ivan Oboth) #3

Thanks @praveen , makes sense👍🏿, I’ll find a way to model my data differently.