Hi all. Just need some clarity please. I need...

(Christian Papst) #1

Hi all. Just need some clarity please. I need to have an app that is publicly available on the app store and once the user signs up, I will need them to be prompted for a payment on a subscription base.

  1. Is this possible using a 3rd party payment gateway and 2. If the app is public, can I enforce registration? Really appreciate the assistance. Regards,
(Jacques van den Berg) #2

I am doing the opposite Christian. I have a private app and the user provisioning is a nightmare. At the moment, I get people to subscribe using PayPal, then I have to send them an automated email to reply with a registered google account, then I have to manually invite the user, and then manage their status manually. If anybody else has experience with this, then please let us know.

(Christian Papst) #3

@Jacques_van_den_Berg, yea trying to avoid that at all costs.

(Christian Papst) #4

This is what I got from their support.

Questions: 1. with the pro subscription the app will be available on the app store and google store for anyone to download 2. we can enable that users need to register before having access to the information on the app 2.1 can they register using their own domain email or would it need to be a gmail account? 3. one can write a script to link the registration and 3rd party payment gateway?

Answers: #1 - Correct #2 - You need to create a public app where they can first make the registration. Because your production pp will have an authentication (users in whitelist) they can’t open the that app directly before you have added them. You can take registrations from your website etc. as well. #2.1 - They need to use one of these providers Google, Office365, Dropbox, Box, Smartsheet or Salesforce #3 - Yes it’s possible if the gateway has an API connection… for example if you have Google as a database, you can write the connection with the Google script (GAS) if the platform has rest API.

(Syed Faheemuddin) #5

Just following!