Hi All. Please advise possibility of below, a...

(Valentina Watkins) #1

Hi All. Please advise possibility of below, and how to if possible.

In the case of building a data collection app, is it possible to apply specific survey/questionnaire to specific logins?

Eg. I have 15 employees and 3 questionnaires. 7 people apply to questionnaire 1. 3 people apply to questionnaire 2 and 5 people to questionnaire 3.

I need to allocate specific questionnaire to login, is this possible in appsheets?

(Pim Sauter) #2

You can have a table ‘employees’, where you keep employee information including email, as well as a column ‘questionnaire_number’. Then you have 3 tables; questionnaire_1/2/3.

For each table, you make a view , and for each view you have to edit the Show_if to: LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), employees, email, questionnaire_number) = 1/2/3

(Valentina Watkins) #3

Thanx Paul. I will try this.