Hi All, Since two days ago my app would fail...

(Kechara Soup Kitchen) #1

Hi All,

Since two days ago my app would fail during synchronization with an error "“Error:Request cancelled because of a timeout: table fetch for _Per User Settings”. In my performance statistics, it shows that the time taken to sync has increased 3 folds.

My database has not increased three folds and I have remove all white/blank rows but still the issue persists. Nothing else was change to the database/app since the last two days.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Kechara_Soup_Kitchen, I took a quick look at your app’s performance profiler. I encourage you to do that too. It is quite crazy. Your syncs have been taking 5 minutes or more. It should take 10 seconds, maybe 20 tops.

Is this a massive spreadsheet being downloaded? Is there a lot of other data in it? It is tough to understand why it takes ~5 minutes to download a file from Google. We rarely see this unless the spreadsheet has lots of custom formulas.

If you open the performance profiler, you’ll see some suggestions right at the top. In particular, enable the bulk read option. Also you should consider enabling server caching since it is a read-only table.