Hi All. Thinking of buying a Chromebook. Will...

(GP Kriel) #1

Hi All. Thinking of buying a Chromebook. Will the Android Appsheet App run on Chromebooks that support Android apps? Would like to run some apps offline.

(Julie Wills) #2
(Steven Coile) #3

All AppSheet apps have a web browser interface that will work on any modern browser, including Chrome on a Chromebook.

(Julie Wills) #4

+Steve Coile That wasn’t the question. Web access goes without saying. Offline is the critical factor.

Android apps on a Chromebook certainly allow offline use for some apps, but not all Android apps totally play nice on a Chromebook.

(GP Kriel) #5

Thanks @Julie_Wills . Yes the issue is offline through the android app running on the Chromebook. Web browser access is well understood and used daily… Just wanted to know from the admins if there are any limitations for the actual Appsheet Android app running on Chromebook.

(Reza Raoofi) #6

It works; I just installed AppSheet on my Chromebook from Play Store, and then tested one of my apps in offline mode; turned Wi-Fi off, and the app was successfully loaded as expected; added and updated a few rows, and turned Wi-Fi back on, and synced without any issues.

(GP Kriel) #7

Fantastic! Much appreciated @RezaRaoofi!