Hi all, With regard to the "Required If" sect...

(Ivan Oboth) #1

Hi all, With regard to the “Required If” section. I have a multi form app and i’ve set fields on Page2 & 3 to be required if the last question on Page5 is filled. I have marked this last question on Page5 as compulsory in the editor. The logic is not taking effect as one is able to submit the record without completing the questions on Pages2& 3. Is the “Required If” logic limited to the “Current Page” in a multi page app? Or could i be doing something wrong?

(John Gardner) #2

I’ve noticed that the “Required If” is checked on each page as you are there. For example, when you are on page 2, it checks the required conditions (based on what you have entered so far) and if you have met all of the conditions, it will let you move to the next page. Then when you get to page 5, it is only checking “Page 5 conditions” before it lets you move on. I’m not sure if there is a way around this. You may need to re-order your columns to put your Page 5 question before 2 &3. Just a question because I know nothing about your application: How does your end-user know they are supposed to fill out pages 2 and 3 before they answer the required question on page 5?