Hi Apologies if this is obvious, but I've no...

(Rahoul Baruah) #1


Apologies if this is obvious, but I’ve not managed to figure it out yet.

I’ve got an app with three related “tables” of data, in a master-detail relationship - accounts have many

interactions have many documents.

These are set up as references in AppSheet.

However, I’ve also got a web hook set up on the Documents - I need to be notified when a Document changes.

But I need to access details of the parent Interaction and grand-parent Account.

How do I get those values from the referenced entities included in the body of my webhook?


(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Add 2 columns, which are refs to parent and grandparent rows, in the child table. Then you can access values using [ParentRow].[ColumnA], [GrandParentRow].[ColumnA] etc.

(Philip Garrett) #3


The approach described above will work.

For another approach, see this article https://help.appsheet.com/behavior/workflow-sending-email/template-variables