Hi Appsheet Community. I have a question abou...

(Todd Pavlou) #1

Hi Appsheet Community. I have a question about user access. I understand the authentication options (Google, Dropbox etc.) but have an issue with a client and using their domain based email addresses as their log in emails. Will their company emails only work if they are G Suite or the like? I have tried using my work email address on my app and it does not work. Thanks Todd

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi @Todd_Pavlou, most company emails are managed by some kind of directory service. The most common is Active Directory (which is Microsoft’s and companies that use Office365 use Active Directory). Likewise, many use Google Domains. In both cases, the users can sign in by choosing “Office365” or “Google” respectively.

You can also choose to explicitly connect to an Azure Active Directory instance, a specific Google Domain, or other providers like Okta. This does require a corporate subscription however.