Hi AppSheet Community, i recently tried to a...

(Landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb) #1

Hi AppSheet Community,

i recently tried to add some features to my AppSheet Project.

I want to have a Column where i add textual addition (e.g.: ‘5,2+2+7,4+23’). in a virtual column of typ “List” my App Formula is like: “=List([Textual addition])”.

now i would like to change the item separator to ‘+’ but when ever i save AppSheet changes back to ‘,’ without error or warning.

Does anybody know how to fix the problem?

finaly i want to collect the weight of products in g in one column, all the product weights schould be summarized (sum([ListOfWeights]) as also counted to get amount of Produkts (count([ListOfWeigths]). i got the function working with spreadsheet formula (count(split()) in Google spreadsheet, but i want to see the calculated values without syncing.

any help would be appreciated.

br Bernhard

(Steven Coile) #2

The reversion of the list item separator is a long-standing bug. I encourage you to report it to support@appsheet.com.

(Steven Coile) #3

Values computed by the spreadsheet cannot be visible to the app without a sync; a sync is required.

(Landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb) #4

Hello steve, thanks for your reply. I will post to support.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

@Landwirtschaftlicher I’m a bit confused about the intent. By replacing the list separator with a ‘+’, are you intending for some part of the system to then execute the sum of the list that way?

(Landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb) #6

@praveen No, in Austria we define a komma like it is, so 0,5+1,6+2,5 would be separated in 0|5+1|6+2|5 when the list separator is standard “,” but i need to separate the list like this “0,5|1,6|2,5” -> so i just need a different separator than “,” it probably could be a “#” also or anything else. but finally i want to summarize the list so it is much closer to use a “+” sign as separator.