Hi appsheet community, Is it possible to tri...

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Hi appsheet community,

Is it possible to trigger the calculation of an app formula without adding a row?

eg: in table A, column in table B, column with app formula = count(table A[Clients])

Is it possible to have this calculation updated every time there is an add in table A?

Thanks a lot, Bram

(Grant Stead) #2

Yes, you can invite an action on that record which will force all that records formulas to recalc

(Grant Stead) #3

@Stephen_Mattison so, anytime you poke a record it will recalculate the app formulas (@Aleksi_Alkio not sure if quick edit in a detail view followed the same rules) So, you can create a column for example, and as simple as an action to change the value +1 in that helper column, would incite all of the app formulas to recalc

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This is interesting!

I’ve made a dashboard view where I included some chart views and a filter detail view with quick edit.

So the user can filter the charts by choosing data in the filter detail view.

On this moment the data of the charts is not updating well, because the formulas in the virtual columns are not triggert.

In your explication Grant Stead, I understand that adding a helper column would incite the app formulas to recalculate.

I have some additional questions: - Is this helper column a virtual column - should I create this column in the table of the filter? - the action:

If this condition is true = true ??

Do this = data: set the value of a column

Set this column = helper column

To this value = +1

I think I’m still forgetting something? Because the action is not triggering the charts to update…

Thanks … Bram

(Grant Stead) #5

@Diogenes_ASBL_VZW Hey Bram! Your virtual columns should recalculate automatically. In general I tend to find strange hang ups here and there with quick-edit columns in the detail views and try to limit my use with them. I also haven’t messed with the interactive dashboards much. It would be in the table… I use a physical column, type number, initial value 1… Then you can create an action that just adds one to it.

Then you can create an action that executes on a series of records, that way when the action is incited, it “manually” adds 1 to each record thus updating the app formulas.

So, they would probably set their filter, then click an action to regenerate their charts. (But like I said, I haven;t messed with dashboards much.)

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Ok … thx @Grant_Stead

I think I should put this helper column in the table that generates the data for the charts, where the formulas are to calculate … I’m going to try that out …

thx I keep you updated…

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Your solution is very promising!

In my table ‘List Interventions’ I’ve made a physical column and an action called “Trigger” that just adds one: [Trigger]+1 This results that the first row of the table is been updated … nice

But I’m still struggeling with the second part of your solution? You wrote: “Then you can create an action that executes on a series of records, that way when the action is incited, it “manually” adds 1 to each record thus updating the app formulas.”

So I create a new action on the same table ‘List Interventions’ with the effect - data: execute an action on a set of rows - ref table: List Interventions - Ref rows: List Interventions[Helper] - Ref action: Trigger

This action I have made is not adding 1 to each record.

You see where I did this wrong?

Thanks a lot … Bram

(Grant Stead) #8

@Diogenes_ASBL_VZW You need to put some sort of condition…

Since you’re wanting this done to all ROWS ISNOTBLANK([key_id_column]) would do the trick