Hi, AppSheet community, This is Leela Krishn...

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AppSheet community, This is Leela Krishna and I am new user of AppSheet. It is a really wonderful tools to share spreadsheets. But I want to understand if I can achieve my following usecase using AppSheet.

Here is my scenario: 1) I will have a spreadsheet uploaded in Google Drive 2) I will create an App using that spreadsheet in Google Drive 3) My users will Install the App and they will have the App open on their mobile phone, they SHOULD BE ABLE TO ONLY VIEW the data, SHOULDNOT BE ABLE TO UPDATE the sheet. 4) I will be updating some of the data in the sheet periodically say once in 10 minutes or sometimes multiple times in a minute, Does the Apps already opened by the users reflect the updated Data automatically?

Thanks a lot.

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1…3 are very normal requirements. Users can either manually sync the data or the automatic syncing will do that once in a 30 minutes.

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Thanks for the quick response. Any thoughts on 4th Requirement?

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You can read more about it from here… help.appsheet.com - Automatic Updates Automatic Updates help.appsheet.com

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Thanks a lot.