Hi AppSheet enthousiasts, I am complete new ...

(Christof van der Heide) #1

Hi AppSheet enthousiasts,

I am complete new to AppSheet. Recently there was a No Code* community started (on Meetup) in the Netherlands. I am wondering if there is a “citizen developer” in the Netherlands that would be willing to present / show case their journey with AppSheet.

What are we looking for? 1. People who solved his/her business/organisation’s challenge using no code platforms? 2. Willing to share the good and the bad (if any) experiences they found on their journey in No Code?

Some of the rules of the community: - Open sharing / helping others - Non-commercial; vendors are welcome but only if their interests are educational

Please reach out to me (christof@thenocodeway.com) if you would be willing to share your experiences with us in the Netherlands**.

Thank you Praveen Seshadri for pointing to the extensive AppSheet community.

Kind regards,


*) No Code for me includes all platforms that enable people to create solutions quickly with as little as technical knowledge as possible. **) Our ideal candidate(s) would be willing to visit a Meetup in person

(Bart Zuidgeest) #2

@Christof_van_der_Hei, I’ll send you an email. Though we have commercial interests, we are all about sharing and would also love to do so in this case. Looking forward to connect.