Hi appsheet, I’m trying something out with u...

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #1

Hi appsheet,

I’m trying something out with usersettings and security filters:

Like in appsheets driver sample app, a driver can select his driver number to see his own driver jobs. When you don’t select any driver you won’t get any data.

What I like to do is that when you don’t select any driver, that the app is automaticly selecting all the drivers, so you get the data of all the drivers.

Is this possible? Is there something like a SELECT ALL expression? To select the whole enumlist?

Can a security filter expression be something like: IF( ISNOTBLANK(Usersettings(driver)), [driver]=Usersettings(driver), [driver] )

Thx for your help …


(Fernando López) #2

Try to use this: OR(ISBLANK(USERSETTINGS(“driver”) ), [driver] = USERSETTINGS(“driver”))

(Challa Ramakrishna) #3

Hi Bram, please try this out

IF( ISNOTBLANK(Usersettings(driver)), [driver]=Usersettings(driver), true )

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #4


Perfect … wright on top!