Hi Appsheet, I'm still struggeling with work...

(Diogenes ASBL - VZW) #1

Hi Appsheet,

I’m still struggeling with workflow:

I’ve made a workflow that saves a pdf when a column [Knop Print Fiche] changes. This column is triggered by an action that adds +1 when you clic on the inline displayed action button.

I’m wondering: do I need to fill in a file folder path? Or when I leave this empty, where is appsheet going to save the file?

thanks for any help here …


(Reza Raoofi) #2

By default the PDF files will be saved under a subfolder in app owner’s account’s Google Drive storage in: My Drive > appsheet > data > AppName-AccountID

You could change that default folder name by entering custom folder path in the File Folder Path parameter.

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thx a lot for your reaction. Is it possible to change that File Folder Path that the PDF is saved in de Download folder of the computer where you’re working with. Or is it only connected with the google drive?

(Reza Raoofi) #4

It is only connected with the app owner’s Google Drive or cloud storage. Remember workflows work on the server side, and they are independent from client side or any app user’s device, so their outcome will be also saved on the server side when it is always accessible to AppSheet even if all users are offline.

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Thx Reza… to change that default folder name do you need to use a formula? Or can you just put: My Drive > appsheet > Downloads

for example in the File Folder Path.

(Reza Raoofi) #6

For more details read the document below; particularly the paragraph with the title “Attachment Archive Folder:”


(Philip Garrett) #7


@RezaRaoofi answer was exactly correct when he wrote it two hours ago, but I just updated the docs and moved the information regarding PDF attachment archiving to a new article. See help.appsheet.com - Email PDF Attachment Archiving

One word of caution. When we were archiving the PDF attachment, we were not properly honoring the value specified in the “Default app folder” property on the Info > Property pane.

We attempted to do so, but ended up storing the PDF attachment in the wrong folder.

I have just made a change to correct this problem last weekend.

When I make such a change, I release it to a few customers at a time.

If you wish to be included, please provide your account id and I will include you in the “Rollout”.

Email PDF Attachment Archiving help.appsheet.com

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Thx @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

it is a good and clarifying article.

It would be a pleasure if you could add us to the rollout of new releases! On this moment we are looking into workflows/ reports and pdf … and these kind of things!

Our id= 253603 asbldiogenesvzw@hotmail.com

Thx Bram

(Philip Garrett) #9


I have added you to the rollout that is specific to making workflow attachment archiving work in the way described in the article. That change will be released this afternoon Seattle time.

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thx a lot @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

Greetings in Seattle!