hi.. AppSheet is great, I never made Apps be...

(Jaguar- Lariat) #1


AppSheet is great, I never made Apps before, and know nothing about coding, but with AppSheet, I already publish an App on Google Play…

and i like to have a paid version, and a free version of my app for user to download. and the paid version works great, beautifully.

but i find out there’s no way i can put ad (admob, revmob…etc) to my free version app(which cost me premium

access monthly) it would be great if i can earn some money to balance my month fee via ads…

others like APPSZERO, APPYPIE (they are not as good as APPsheet, IMHO), But they seems manage this monetize function quite well



please consider monetize built in near future? I love Appsheet, I got so many ideas, and i don’t want to switch to other platform (already doing well in Appsheet)


(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Jaguar_Lariat Thank you for your feedback. Currently, our focus is on developing features that would allow app builders to express and build richer business logic in their apps. However, we will take into consideration app monetization for future development.