Hi .. Are there limits of entries in the exce...

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Hi … Are there limits of entries in the excel workbook connected to appsheet?!

I mean, can I enter as many data or rows through the workbook in google drive that I had connected to appsheet, or just a limit of rows or cells in the excel workbook?!!

Thanks in advanced

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Have you read this article? help.appsheet.com - Limits on Data Size Limits on Data Size help.appsheet.com

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Yes, I’ve read a similar article about this, but the question is that if I uploaded an excel file to google drive, would it be limited by it’s size (5-10 MB), and if I used google sheet would it be limited by cells (2 million cells)?? Is that how it work?

Many thanks …

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Basically yes, but the real limit will be reached earlier. Less cells you have, better performance with the app.