Hi, can anyone help me troubleshoot this erro...

Hi, can anyone help me troubleshoot this error please?

I’m creating an action that will send a mass sms to contacts within a column. In the TO field I have the following expression: =TEXT(Sheet1[Mobile])

I’ve got a sheet with a bunch of contact details for people with the following headings; “First name”, “Surname”, “Mobile”, “Email”, “Position”

This works perfectly fine on Android, however when I test it on an Apple phone, only the first number gets added in.

Is this an iphone error or an error in my expression?

@Harry thanks Dinh. When I tried that, I get the following error message: “The expression is valid but its result type ‘List’ is not one of the expected types: Phone”

@Robert_Wengritzky Hi Robert, please give us the following information:

1/ The name of the app 2/ The name of the affected action 3/ The model and OS version of the iPhone that you tested

Also, when you said that “only the first number gets added in”, did you mean that only the first phone number in column “Mobile” actually received the SMS?

@Harry Hi Dinh,

only the first number in the column actually gets added to the recipients section of the native iphone sms app so only the first phone number would actually receive the SMS if I sent it. This occurs only on iphone in my testing as when I’ve tested it on Android systems, every number in the “Mobile” column will get added to the recipients / get sent.

I only have access to a few iphones for testing but so far it’s happened on iphones from iphone 6 to X (on the native sms app, haven’t tried it with other sms apps yet).

Name of the app: FrankstonAnaesthesia

Name of affected action: SmsAll



@Robert_Wengritzky Hi Robert, the “To” field of the action expects a list of discrete phone numbers, not a single text value. Here’s the difference:

Single text: “111 111 1111, 222 222 2222, 333 333 3333”

List of phone numbers: { “111 111 1111”, “222 222 2222”, “333 333 3333” }

Regardless of how many phone numbers are contained with the text value, to the app this text value is treated as only a single value. What you need instead is a list of multiple text values, each of which is a single phone number. To construct this list, you can try this expression:

ConsultantsData[Phone Number] + Registrars[Phone Number]

@Robert_Wengritzky Hi Robert, after consulting with my colleague, I believe actions currently do not support sending SMS to multiple phone numbers yet. The expression that you are currently using therefore can be counted as a “hack”, i.e. it works for Android even though it is not meant to work.

However, it is possible to send multiple SMS to multiple phone numbers using workflows. With a workflow, you can manually add individual numbers, or you can use an expression that creates a list of phone numbers (similar to the one that I suggested). This means that you can create an action that will trigger a workflow to send the SMS as a workaround.

We will look into supporting multiple phone numbers for SMS actions as well in the future.

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@Harry Ok, thank you Dinh. I will try a workflow workaround in the meantime. Thanks for the assistance!

is the multiple sms action availibale already?