Hi .. Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet dir...

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Hi … Can I get a copy of the spreadsheet directly to the SDCard in the smartphone from the app? Without having to go to google drive or what else?

One lazy person asked me to :sweat_smile:

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Why don’t they use AppSheet in offline mode?

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Thank you for your respond …

Ok … I did go to the behavior tab/offline sync And it was enabled … I went offline and made some adds and changes to the data, but I didn’t find an excel file on the device!!! Where should it be stored? And does it need to have a (not free plan) to be done correctly?!!

Did I misunderstand something to get it

fully done?

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Offline does not copy the back-end spreadsheet for you to your device to see; I was suggesting it as an alternative; if they don’t want to connect to Google Drive each time, this way their app works without even network connection.

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@RezaRaoofi thanks :raising_hand_woman:

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I think … his point was to have the data (excel workbook) secured for losing or forgetting password or any matter else.

So for that … can we print or export the data from the app?

Sorry for asking too much about this issue !! :no_mouth::no_mouth:

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #7

@net_sites, the app uses Excel data as a data source, but it is not a spreadsheet app. If that is what is needed, the easiest would be to just use the Excel app directly

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@praveen thank you