Hi, Can someone help me? My Valid_if constra...

(Kolbi C.) #1


Can someone help me? My Valid_if constraint in my Document[Document Type] column is returning blanks, no matter what I try. It is column type Ref, pointing to the DocLabelDef[DocType] column, but I’ve tried it as Text and Enum as well.

I have a spreadsheet (Document.gsheet) that has [Division]s and [DocType]s. There are three Divisions and 6 document types, and I want to be able to choose the Division, then the DocType; and any combination of these two produces a unique [DocPrefix] ID number. I want the user to choose the [Division], then the [DocType], and automatically return the ID number that is in the spreadsheet associated to each combination.

Any help?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

It is a dependent dropdown but you are trying to make it a ref. Use a formula like SELECT(Document[DocPrefix], AND([DocType]=[_Thisrow].[DocType], [Division]=[_Thisrow].[Division]))