Hi, can you help me with what is most likely ...

(John Baer) #1

Hi, can you help me with what is most likely a very common and simple question?

How can I use a custom form for entry of a new row when tapping the Plus/New button?

I have a an app that controls the process of Work Order updates from New, through technician work to complete.

There are nearly 50 cols of info.

When adding a NEW Work Order, I want to limit the form to show only the columns required for adding a Work Order which about 10 cols.

I created a form that references a data slice limiting the cols.

This is added as a separate view in the app and it works fine.

However, I would rather this form be shown when tapping the Plus button in the Work Orders list and then remove the separate view altogether - cleaner interface.

By the way, I do know about creation of a Ref view to override the default New form.

But I don’t see a way to control which fields are shown.

Is there a way to use my custom built form when tapping Plus button or some alternative way to reduce the fields shown on the form?



(Reza Raoofi) #2

You can create your form based on a slice that allows adding new rows, and only has that short list of 10 columns.

(John Baer) #3

Yes, as I stated, I did that.

Now I want that form launched when I click the Work Order Plus button.

How do I do that?

(Reza Raoofi) #4

@John_Baer1 Oh, you are right; sorry I did not expand the rest of your post and only read the first paragraph!

I have not tried it myself, but I think this method should work:

You could make the default System Add action invisible, and create a custom Add action that will go to different view in the same app, then use LINKTOFORM(…) to refer to your slice based form view.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

There is also a simpler and older method to restrict the columns shown in form view anytime you add or edit using form view.

If that is what you want, you can just enter a false value in Show_if for the columns you want to hide, and then go to UX > Options and turn off this option:

Apply show-if constraints universally

(John Baer) #6

@RezaRaoofi I thought of Show If but I think that is overly tedious when there are 50 columns.

I’ll look into the custom Add action.

(John Baer) #7

@RezaRaoofi So I tried creating a custom Add action but it won’t work the way I want.

Custom actions are attached to the target data rows, even if they are not row based actions.

I’ll just stick with my separate view for now.

Thanks for your help anyway!