Hi community. I have a UX problem in one of ...

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Hi community.

I have a UX problem in one of my views. I´m grouping the data in my sheets into 2 groups but appsheet is only showing one of them. I did not make any filter or put any kind of restrcitions. What do you think this might be?

How can i display all the data in case this is a default option?

Thanks for your help

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+Sebastián Ávila Could you elaborate on how you group the data in the sheets “into 2 groups”? AppSheet currently only recognizes 1 table per worksheet, which means that if you have more than 1 table in the same worksheet, only one will be picked while the rest will be ignored.

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Yes, i have one table on the worksheet and i´m grouping the data in two categories like shown in the image. But is only showing one of them on the app.

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+Sebastián Ávila When you have multiple groups in a view, the groups will not be shown together. Instead, they will become drill-down menus. This means that at the top level of the view, only values in the first group will be listed. Clicking on any of these values will drill down to the next level of the view, where the values in the second group are shown. Is this not what you are seeing?

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Yeah i know that that´s why i know somethig is wrog. In this first view is supposed to show ENTIDAD CENTRALIZADA and ENTIDAD DESCENTRALIZADA but is only showing ENTIDAD CENTRALIZADA. At first it was showing both of them but suddenly it changed to only show one.

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+Sebastián Ávila Could you give me the name of the app and your account ID so I can take a look?

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+Sebastián Ávila I believe the root cause of the problem is the security filter of table “PLANPAGOS”. Here’s the filter that you are currently using:

OR([Tipo de entidad] = “ENTIDAD CENTRALIZADA”, [Tipo de entidad] = “ENTIDAD DECENTRALIZADA”[Tipo de entidad] )

There are 2 problems with this filter:

1/ There’s a typo in “ENTIDAD DECENTRALIZADA”. The correct spelling should be “ENTIDAD DESCENTRALIZADA”. Notice the missing “S”.

2/ There should be no column name after the text value in the second condition of the OR expression.

Because of these 2 problems, the second condition is always false, which means that only rows with the value “ENTIDAD CENTRALIZADA” will be included in the table. As a result, only these rows show up in your view.

To fix this problem, you need to change the filter to the following:

OR([Tipo de entidad] = “ENTIDAD CENTRALIZADA”, [Tipo de entidad] = “ENTIDAD DESCENTRALIZADA”)