Hi Community! New to Appsheets but have a wo...

(Thomas ribeiro-russ) #1

Hi Community!

New to Appsheets but have a workign CRM that I have managed to put together to track sales notes and appointments.

This is my issue and I cant find anything relevant.

My Customers have addresses. My Customers Appointments have addresses.

Customers is 1 table and Appointmnets another. Customer Name is the UNIQUEID() in the Customer table Customer Name is the REF in the Appointments table

I want to have a map view for Customers addresses, and a separate map view for Appointment addresses.

Whe I create a Map view for either the table or a slice it populates the map with ALL the addresses across all tables.

How do I stop that from happening? Also another question is, I also use Google Fusion for heat maps.

Can I get the heat map I have made to be shown as a Link in the Menu of Appsheets?

(Grant Stead) #2

What table is your map view connected to? Have you added more than one source to the map, or just the single table source?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

The Map view only works with one table (commonly). Unless you explicitly added a second table as a secondary data source for the map view, it will only show the addresses from one table.