Hi Community, What dictates the "View(7)" f...


Hi Community,

What dictates the

“View(7)” function to appear or not on an inline table view??

I have a record with many reference children tables when i am o the record form some show the “View(3)” funtion and some dont.

Any Help will be much apreciated!!

(Taylor Felt) #4

In the detail view related to that table view you can adjust “Max nested rows” which determines how many rows of the table you want displayed.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #5


Are you able to see the View(3)while editing main form or detail view ?

Please explore if the following observation helps you in this regard.

Testing showed that in detail view of the parent table (Scope table in your case?) , the number of child records for inline view can be set by setting 'Max nested rows" option in the detail view configuration of the parent table.

Testing also showed that in the form view

(which probably you are using?) of the parent table, when the child records are displayed (when set as “IsPartOf”) , the View option for related records’ inline view

appears for more than 5 nested records. So View(6) will appear in form view but not View(5) or lower.

Community colleagues may guide you

on how to set

the maximum nested records count for related records in form view.