Hi, Easy question, I think... I've made a s...

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Easy question, I think…

I’ve made a slice based upon user input, like the example app. The problem in the App I created is : My app updates the row instead of the possibility to choose a value. So basically I want to make a view based upon a selected value, not to update the existing value in the view. Do you know whats wrong in my code?


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@Richard_Thijs Hi Richard, I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your problem. Could you elaborate please? You can also point us to the app by giving us the name of the app, as well as the names of the relevant views, slices/tables, and columns.

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Hi @Harry, Thank you for the reaction. In the example app you can choose weather you want to show the red items or the blue items. In the app I’m creating, I want (as a teacher) to choose a user and view his/her scores. In what I’ve created so far I can select a user, but when I do that I change the value in the spreadsheet. So I change the username. As you can understand, that is totaly not what I want! The name of the app :KopievanLeerlingenGCMgsheet-375172 The view : Login is the view where I choose a student, in ProbemView I want to show al records of that student.

You can see in the picture that it’s possible to scroll trough the records in the spreadsheet. When I select an other student. I change the value of said record…

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@Richard_Thijs Hi Richard, if you want to collect user’s input without writing directly to the spreadsheet, you can try using user settings. You can read more about it here:

help.appsheet.com - User Settings: The Essentials User Settings: The Essentials help.appsheet.com

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@Harry Yeah, I’ve tought about that. But they didn’t use it in the example app I’ve shown above. So I was thinking there must be an other way?! Sorry…

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Plus, I’ve created an other app previously with this little feature. It worked perfect! So it must be possible, I just can’t find how.

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@Richard_Thijs Hi Richard, in the sample, whenever a user selects a color and saves this selection, this input will actually be written to the spreadsheet. To verify this, you can make a copy of the sample app and then look into the app’s underlying spreadsheet.

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@Harry: you’re absolutely correct. My mistake. Sorry!

Thanks for the help.

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@Richard_Thijs No problem :). I forgot to mention that the main advantage of using User Settings is that each user of the app will be able to save their own settings. If you use an actual table, whatever settings saved by one user will be applied to all other users as well. However, if you use the User Settings feature, settings saved by one user will only be saved in the user’s local device or browser. This means that each user will be able to keep their own settings, and users won’t be able to accidentally overwrite settings of other users.