Hi everybody! Has anyone used Appsheet to ma...

(David Suescun) #1

Hi everybody!

Has anyone used Appsheet to make a complete “digital transformation” for your companies?

By this I mean creating workflows to automate internal processes in your companies, sending request for approval, creating work orders (tasks), etc… so that each employee can check a list of thing to be done by him/her initiated by others (HR Hiring requests, termination request, vacations request, purchase orders, and whatnot).

If you have, how do you manage each new workflow? As a google new sheet? a new App? How would you deploy for almost 200 employees?


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@David_Suescun, quite a few of our customers have or are in the process of making this transformation standardizing on AppSheet.

At a very high level, you should think of having a different app for each function for each appropriate set of employees. It is fine to have hundreds of apps. It is likely that the same data will be shared across multiple apps. Yo’d have one table (sheet or database table) for each logical thing that you need to maintain.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

@David_Suescun I have built few of them and they have all started from a complex one… something where the customer haven’t found a solution. When the complex one has finished, they have realized they can do all their easy ones as well.

Structure has been the same than Praveen explained. Sometimes the app is a bigger one and sometimes it’s better to use separate apps.

(David Suescun) #4

Thanks! This is really useful! I’ve always envisioned this as ONE big App, but maybe it’s much better to have separated smaller ones restricting roles, as some processes are only shared among certain areas.