Hi everybody, I have a question on how to app...

(Jonathan Fraser) #1

Hi everybody, I have a question on how to approach my problem, I am doing a maintenance checklist with a lot of yes and no questions, I want the questions to be “grouped” in my form when I select “Access Control” for example it needs to give me the checklist options for that category and then I can select “Electric Fence” and then receive those list of questions while still maintain my selections for the previous “Group”.

Can this be done? If so, how would I start?

(Steven Coile) #2

You can use the Show_If field of each column to show or hide columns in a form. If the Show_If expression refers to a column in the form itself, the form will be dynamic, responding immediately to changes in that column.

For instance, if you have a column, [form_view], of type EnumList and values Access Control and Electric Fence, and you have other columns with a Show_If expression of =in([form_view], {“Access Control”}), those 3 columns would only be visible when Access Control has been selected for [form_view]. The user can change [form_view] as many times as desired while in the form, and any data entered will remain even if the columns are hidden.

(Jonathan Fraser) #3

Thank you so much that sounds like exactly what I want to do, I have a few questions though, apologies if they are stupid ones. 1. The [form_view] you are talking about, how do I create that? 2. Do I need to add a sheet per selection? i.e All checks for access control in one sheet and all checks for the electric fence in another sheet?

I don’t know if screenshots would help you at all?

(Steven Coile) #4

@Jonathan Fraser [form_view] is a stand-in for whatever column you currently use to allow the user to select Access Control or Electric Fence. You didn’t mention the name of the column, so I had to make one up. :slight_smile:

(Steven Coile) #5

@Jonathan Fraser by “sheet”, do you mean worksheet in a spreadsheet? If so, no, you don’t need a separate sheet. In fact, all of the answers on your form will be stored in a single sheet. The solution you seemed to be asking for was a way to hide questions (and answers) that aren’t in the currently-selected question group within a form. All of the questions and answers are part of the same form, and every form uses only one worksheet.

(Jonathan Fraser) #6

Right after I posted my reply I started tinkering with your advice and by George I’ve got it! Thank you kind sir! Have an absolute banger of a day :smiley: