Hi everyone Advice required on following top...

(geoff gardener) #1

Hi everyone

Advice required on following topics please:

Referenceing Inline View MultiColumn

I have looked at the videos and tools and everything is set up, just think its my logic…

I have 2 tables:

Patient Profile (Patient details with PatientID)

Case (Information about their injury)

All data is sensitive so I need to ensure names remain in Patient Profile table and I only refer to PatientID in the Case table.

The issue I am having is that there are many cases for a patient. So I am getting a error that “there is already a row with that key” (the PatientID).

What would be the best way to relate the case to the patient or vice versa?

In the Patient Profile, I would like to see all the cases, with an Inline View or dashboard view. It was showing me a list of cases, but now tells me total of cases but won’t allow me to go into them individually. I have put a inline view in the bottom of the Patient Profile which allows me to see Cases but not a list.

Also, is there an option to create a MultiColumn which isn’t a key? Or split a field. As I want to keep names to First Name and Surname, but if this isn’t an option, can I split a Full Name into first and surname?

All help idea would be much appreciated.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You should not use the patientID as a key column on case table. Add an ID column with UNIQUEID() initial value and then the structure should work.

(geoff gardener) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio thanks fella, that seems to have worked.