Hi Everyone! Can the application take the tim...

(Viktoriya Zhuk) #1

Hi Everyone! Can the application take the time and date when filling out from the Internet and not from the phone? Since the staff can transfer time on the phone and set the wrong time of data collection. Thanks in advance for your help.

(Steven Coile) #2


(Reza Raoofi) #3

You could use this CONTEXT(“Host”) function in a column’s app formula to capture whether that row is edited on a “Device” or computer “Browser”; more details about CONTEXT() function here: https://intercom.help/appsheet/expressions/expression-types/other-expressions

Also you could use ChangeTimestamp column type to capture the date/time of the last change; more details about change column types here: https://help.appsheet.com/ux/capturing-information-in-forms/tracking-changes-using-change-column-types