Hi Everyone, Does anyone know why I am getti...

(Jake Brown) #1

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know why I am getting these massive spaces in between my email report?

See below my email template and the actual email i received


Hi @Jake_Brown

A few of things you can try that may help a bit. 1)

Under >format > line spacing, reduce the line spacing to 1 if it is greater eg 1.5 etc 2)

Format > line spacing, remove space before and after paragraph 3)

Change header formatting to normal and set the font size manually. 4)

Remove any excess rows between lines of text. 5)

In file>pagesetup check page size and margins.

Increase page size to A4 and reduce top and bottom margins.

Not sure if there is anything else you can do but that is what I do to reduce the white spaces.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #3

Hi @Lynn,We seem to have posted almost simultaneously. :slight_smile: Your detailed inputs are really a practical checklist for compact report formatting.



Snap lol

(Philip Garrett) #5

@Lynn @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Thanks to both of you for these tips. I have updated the docs to include your tips.

See topic “Template Formatting Tips” in this article help.appsheet.com - Email Templates

If you or others have more tips, I am happy to add those to the article also. Email Templates help.appsheet.com

(Jake Brown) #6

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate it

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #7

Hi @Jake_Brown, You may wish to try the following approach if your report is just one pager.

If the report heading in the report template is formatted with heading style in template doc, then you can convert it to normal text format and then place it just or suitably above the

<<Start… >>

statement line. Of course, you need to remove all previous page formatting (above the start statement.

You can choose a bigger font and the desired color for this report heading, now converted in normal text.

I tested it this way,and the gap was reduced.Please take a look at the attached image from email body.