Hi everyone! Here are the questions we covere...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Hi everyone! Here are the questions we covered during last week’s AppSheet Office Hours (S1E6), including how to use SELECT() expressions and a look at partitioning.

Is there a better way to work with pages and tabs in my forms? | 3:37

Is there a limit to the number of tabs I can have? (Followup) | 7:15

I can have a page header, but does that automatically create

a tab? (Followup) | 7:29

Can I use each tab as if they were individual views? | 9:09

Are there any plans to introduce free forms with drag and drop? | 9:45

I am having difficulty using the SELECT() command. I need to use this to populate my Valid_If drop down based on another table. | 11:05

Every time you use select, are you building a list? How do you

turn that into a dropdown or selection? | 20:00

Can you use an image as a tab? | 27:11

It would be great if I could select a list that included a unique

value, plus the date that the record was created. How would I do

that? | 27:27

How do SELECT expressions with virtual columns impact app

sync performance? | 27:59

Can AppSheet include a tool to design the database diagram to

start the app? | 29:49

I’d like to see some extra UI controls, like a slider to change the

state and apply and action, as opposed to clicking an action button and then approving that action with a confirmation

message. | 31:25

Is there a way to calculate distance between two addresses in Google Maps? | 33:32

When taking a photo in an image field, where is it saved? On the

server? If so, can you do mass downloading instead of one at a

time? | 34:32

Can you make a demo for quick edit? | 35:40

I had an app that has a gallery with icons where each icon opens a different app. Is there a way to filter the gallery view icons

depending on which user is entering the app, like a Show_If? | 37:48

Because people are hand typing into phone, there are often auto- corrects to proper names with a mix of upper and lower case

letters. Is there a way to force all input to be uppercase in the app? | 39:53

Is there a way to assign schedules to users and for users to answer questions about assignments? | 41:49

GDPR(General Data Protection Regulations) take effect in May

  1. Can you please provide boilerplate text about how you take/ use/store data collected by our apps, that we can assure our

clients? | 44:26

I have a referenced table (Classes) and it’s being pulled into

another table (Students) so that you can see which students are

in which classes. The reference table displays at the bottom of

"Students and has a system-build New link. Can I link to that form

using a ““Display Prominent”” icon? | 46:26

Using the Order Capture sample app as an example reference… I would like to design tables in such a way to facilitate adding or editing bulk amount of data into the table that would take too long to do through the app (even with quick edit). However, some

tables (eg Orders and Order details columns ie Referenced tables mostly have key columns other than meaningful key columns are

referencing. How best would you recommend designing tables in

such a way to facilitate this? | 50:16

In my first app “Bitt-Bes-We” 2 stations in the forest of a trail are

not displayed correctly on the map (latitude, etc. is correct). They are displayed on the next street. How can I geo-code points on

a map not being in a street? 54:25

I need to partition an app so that the individual user accesses

his own data, the team lead accesses his own and his team’s

data, and the department manager has access to his own data as well as each of his teams’. | 56:00

Is there a simple example of an app that shows a survey with

many questions across multiple “pages”? (Has lots of “pages” with next and previous page, each contain multiple questions). | 59:32

(Stephen Mattison) #2