Hi, everyone How does one create an enum lis...

(Akash Sheokand) #1

Hi, everyone

How does one create an enum list from a google sheet and show it in a multiple selectable form entry in my AppSheet app?

I want to reference to selected column from a different table rather than use a predefined value in enum list defined in app sheet.

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Enumlist column type will give you a multi-selection dropdown list.

You can populate that list from a table. Check out this page for more details: http://help.appsheet.com/app-design/modeling-tables-and-columns/the-lookupdropdown-data-pattern help.appsheet.com - The “Lookup/Dropdown” Data Pattern The “Lookup/Dropdown” Data Pattern help.appsheet.com

(Reza Raoofi) #3

Also this link has useful information: http://help.appsheet.com/ux/dropdowns-in-forms/dropdown-from-valid_if

(Akash Sheokand) #4

Thanks but it did not help much as what i’m trying to do is have dynamic items in my form which are ref from a different table.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

Yes, I understood. Read the articles in the links I sent you. It explains that you can populate your dropdown list from a table using Valid_if

(Akash Sheokand) #6

Thanks i’ll try this