Hi Everyone! I am creating a project managem...

(Malavika Mahajan) #1

Hi Everyone!

I am creating a project management app where I can track the progress of my product and the time it takes to complete each task.

I need help, for when I change the status of a particular task, I want to see it as a new row in google sheets instead of it getting updated in the same row.

Is it possible to do so?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Malavika, it sounds like you don’t want to change the status of the task. Rather, you want to copy the task and change the status of the copy. Is that correct?

If that is correct, then you’ll need to create an Action that does this.

(Malavika Mahajan) #3

Thats right, Thanks!.. Can you please share the tutorials or guide me through it?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

This article will help you. help.appsheet.com - Actions: The Essentials

We do not currently have an action that automatically creates a new row. The closest we have is an action that copies the current row but opens it in the UI for the user to edit. So that is what you would need to use. The user would still need to actually change the status and save it.

Actions: The Essentials help.appsheet.com