Hi everyone I am working on a new app and w...

(Tim O'Neill) #1

Hi everyone

I am working on a new app and want to use some fields based on information supplied.

The app is gong to be used to assist trade workers by telling them how many of each type of electrical apparatus is to be installed in each room of a multi story building. I want them to open a “Room Number” from the app and I will display a read only field of how may of each you of apparatus is required and then a column to enter how many were installed. I have the basics of this sorted but due the amount of type oI won’t to filter out the types that do not apply to each room so they do not show

So in short I want a rule that If a field = 0 it Is hidden in the app and also the field I am starting with my own data in the form of a excel sheet

As below in

the app created fro the sheet if a user selected room 102 the gpo’s required field would not show as non are required?

Thanks in advance

(Tim O'Neill) #2

Ps, the phot is just a example, the actual sheet will have in excess of 500 columns and 300rows

(GreenFluxLLC) #3

You could filter your rows using a Slice:


500 columns is a bit excessive though, and it’s going to be difficult to manage in the app editor. You may want to consider breaking the data into separate tables.

It sounds like you should have at least two tables; ‘Rooms’, and ‘Install Log’- or something similar.

This should help with the relationships: help.appsheet.com - The “Item-Detail” Data Pattern

The “Item-Detail” Data Pattern help.appsheet.com

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I believe you should think about your table structure little more. Start to think if you could use related table structure where the room number would be a parent and equipments as child records. For example… if all your equipments have the same structure like Equipment name, Installation photo, Equipment photo, Drawing and Quantity, you could fill the data in a very small table like 10 columns. Could that work for you? It sounds that with your existing structure your table would be filled only with 1…10% of values.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

In any case, the Show_If column constraint is useful for conditionally hiding/showing columns in forms and details views.