Hi Everyone - I have a personal premium Appsh...

(Andrew Eills) #1

Hi Everyone - I have a personal premium Appsheet account and a premium work one (both on separate gmail accounts).

On my android phone, I have to sign in to my personal or work account to access the relevant apps in each account.

I can’t just switch between Appsheet accounts, even though my phone is signed in to both my personal and work gmail accounts.

Is this the way it is, or is there a way to access personal and work apps, without all the signing in fuss?

If I want to share one of my work accounts with my personal gmail account (ie, as a user), will I have to pay any more, given that both gmail addresses have premium Appsheet accounts?

Hopefully that all makes sense?



(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Andrew_Eills Hi Andrew, have you tried logging out and logging in a different account in the AppSheet app in your device?

(Andrew Eills) #3

Hi Dinh - I have tried that, and it works, but that was really my point:

It is a laborious process to switch between personal and work apps, and I get ‘access denied’ error messages, when I log out from within a personal app and log in with my business gmail account.

I think Appsheet assumes I want to log in to my personal app, rather than offering me a choice of the apps on the business account.

The switch between personal < > business accounts also seems to use chrome to verify via google.

I switched off wifi and data to see what would happen when I tried to switch accounts, and Appsheet gave me a blank screen except for an arrow and a cloud with “(0)” underneath it, at the bottom of the screen.

It would be good if Appsheet allowed multiple (or at least, two) accounts to be signed in on the same device (like google and android, do), but I realise that may not be a simple thing, and this use case scenario may be rare (though hopefully it would become ubiquitous with the success and spread of Appsheet).

Is there any solution, other than me adding my personal gmail account as a user on my business Appsheet app?

Would doing this mean I have to pay for three users instead of two?



(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Andrew_Eills Hi Andrew, I’m afraid that right now it is not possible to log into multiple accounts at the same time in AppSheet, at least in the same browser.

A possible workaround is to run AppSheet in 2 different browsers in your device. By default, AppSheet runs on the Chrome browser, but you can also run AppSheet using other browsers such as Firefox. As such, you can sign into one account in Chrome, and then sign into another account in Firefox. When you need to run AppSheet in the first account, you can open AppSheet in the Chrome browser. When you need to run the second account, you can open AppSheet in Firefox instead.

(Andrew Eills) #5


Thx, Dinh - based on your workaround, I tried running one appsheet account in Chrome and the other in a Chrome Incognito window.

It works.