Hi, Everyone: I have a training app, with a ...

(Jayne Hawkins) #1

Hi, Everyone:

I have a training app, with a table view called Courses. The table is grouped as follows: Province, Location, Course. However, when the list of courses is displayed, it’s only showing a portion of the text - instead of the full course name. What is causing this??

In the screenshot shown below, the actual name of the courses should be

Arc Flash (May 23 , 2018) DARTMOUTH Forklift (May 17 , 2018) DARTMOUTH

… and so on…

When you click on the actual course (or see it in View form), the full name of the course appears correctly. Why?? I’m going to be rocking in the fetal position in the corner soon.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Jayne_Hawkins Hi Jayne, I’m afraid that right now in table views, most long text values will be cropped to fit inside the table’s columns. You can try changing the column’s width in the table view, but this is not guaranteed to work for all screen sizes and device form factors.

(Jayne Hawkins) #3

@Harry Thanks - switching from enumlist to enum has given me a temporary fix.