Hi everyone, I have an issue that seems to ha...

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Hi everyone, I have an issue that seems to have been reported before. The detail view is forcing me to have a header column. When I remove it and save, it reinserts it automatically.

In addition, I’m also placing a nested deck view on the detail view but I’d like it to appear right above the detail view field. It allows the fields to appear below my nested deck view but puts an empty box above the nested view. Can someone help to resolve this one?

A million thank you’s.

Reference previous post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+GrantSteadGlobal/posts/6qK31Tsagxs

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I could regenerate re-appearing of the header column; it does it for the column that is marked as “Label” in column structure. @Morgan_Dixon_AppShee @Adam_Stone_AppSheet