Hi everyone! I just started using AppSheet l...

(Jacqueline Latour) #1

Hi everyone!

I just started using AppSheet last week. I was pretty excited to create a contact list for our teachers, and am now trying to create a Studio Hour Tracker.

We track how many hours our instructors use the studio rooms for lessons on a monthly basis.

I originally started with a sample “Timesheets” app, and also tried to create my own.

I have partial luck.

My question, is there a code that I need, in order to create the app, so that the teachers can only see their own sheet, and not everyone else’s?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help! Jacquie

(Philip Garrett) #2


The recommended approach is to keep everyone’s data in a single worksheet rather than creating a worksheet per user.

You then define a Security Filter to implement per user data in the single worksheet.

Do this by including an additional column in the worksheet that contains the email address of the user who “owns” the row. You might call this new column “Owner”.

Then define a “Security Filter” for that table that only shows the current user the rows owned by that user. The security filter compares the current user’s email address to the email address stored in the “Owner” column. It only displays a row to the current user if that user’s Email address value matches the value in the “Owner” column.

This approach requires that your users sign in to the app. When the user signs in to the application, we “know” their email address.

The “Security filter” is simply comparing the user’s email address (acquired during sign in) with the value stored in the “Owner” column. That is the essence of Security Filters.

Search for “Security Filter” in the documentation for the details.