Hi Everyone, I’m hoping someone can point me...

(Justin Morse) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction for creating a data entry app for an inspection process. I’m admittedly new to this, but even some signposts as to which direction I can take my learning is helpful.

I am inspecting Plants for four different symptom types (A, B, C & D). Each inspection has many data points so I am trying to create a clean way to enter this data by smaller chunks. I hope to nest the data entry for the Plants that I need to inspect by a couple of categories, namely Zones and Benches.

In practice, each Bench has 8 Plants. (This is the level that I would like data entry for symptoms A, B, C or D for each plant to occur).

There are 8 Zones. Each Zone has 7 Benches.

Later, I’d like to create a dashboard that analyzes the data by Zone. Is there a way to make the data entry simpler on the user, while still storing the data in a larger, more usable form?

I suppose I should add that most of these data points are (hopefully) zeroes by default. That is, Plants are typically symptom-free, and the user is occasionally changing the A, B, C or D value of zero to a integer value.

I hope this makes sense. If anyone has any ideas as to how to tackle this or what methods I might explore, I’d be grateful.

Thanks! Justin

(Daniel Tanguay) #2

Justin, have you at laid out your data tables yet? You need to at least start there.

Tables: The Essentials help.appsheet.com