Hi everyone, I’m new to AppSheet, so i’m hav...

(Luiz Felipe Penna Vallilo) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m new to AppSheet, so i’m having truble with, probably, a simple thing. But here it is:

I wish to develop

an App where it’s possible to make a checklist for my companies products quality. We have 4 different groupes of products and each groupe has it’s own particularities (set of characteristics that should be approved to guarantee the quality).

What should I do to create an App where the first thing to do is: enter the product batch (unique) and the groupe which the products belong. After this, depending on the groupe chosen, the set of questions corresponding will appears? Detail: Each groupe has it’s own datasheet.

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, and thank you all in advance!!


Hi @Luiz_Felipe_Penna_Va Check out these articles on App design. PS There are no dumb questions. Everybody has to start somewhere. help.appsheet.com - APP DESIGN | AppSheet Help Center APP DESIGN | AppSheet Help Center help.appsheet.com

(Fernando López) #3

I can help you, contact me at jflopezv@gmail.com. I develop in appsheet in spanish