HI Everyone, I need to concatenate two Text...

(Glenn Thorne) #1

HI Everyone,

I need to concatenate two Text fields (Name and Address) with the result placed in a resultant virtual Long Text field (Full Address).

But I need a CR Newline character in between so the resultant virtual Long Text field (Full address) has the text on two lines.

Concatenate is easy but placing on two lines is still a secret to me.

In Excel it would be Chr (20) if I recall but in appsheet???


Bill Smith 123 First Street

(Glenn Thorne) #2

Well I found an ugly workaround.

Put a formula =Char(13) in a Google sheets cell and then concatenate that in between strings above.

That will insert the Carriage Return.

But it works.

Should be an easier way though.

(Glenn Thorne) #3

Nope, worked in formula test mode but strips the characters out in edit and view modes.

Help anyone??

(Bellave Jayaram) #4

Put a line feed within the concatenate function like so: Concatenate([Name],” “,[Address])

(Glenn Thorne) #5

@Bellave_Jayaram That works!

Ugly too but it does the trick.

@praveen would love to see a newline character available for string functions

Ex. Char(13)

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