Hi everyone, I noticed something strange insi...

(sergio f) #1

Hi everyone, I noticed something strange inside a dashboard where I placed some slices based on the same main table (with a lot of columns). I created these slices in order to view only certain columns. Slices have their specific detail views with rapid buttons - actions. In the Dashboard view If I press ‘edit’ button of a specific detail view , all columns of the original table are opened, I would expect instead to edit only selected columns for these slice. Actually this happens correctly if I press first the top of the view (step 1) then ‘edit’ button (step 2). This is annoying because benefit in having rapid actions is lost. How can I reach right columns directly in the dashboard view? Any advice? thanks

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Is the left pane (match details) in dashboard related to view in the right pane (partita_squadraB_detail)? Or these are independent views based on different Slices? Is this behavior happening on mobile device too? Or only on computer browser? Could you also provide the App Name and Account ID?

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(sergio f) #3

Hi @RezaRaoofi They are independent views based on different Slices. Both slices are related to the same source table (matches). The pane on the left shows some columns (generic information about the match), the pane on the right shows more specific information about one team of the match. I observe the same behavior on mobile device too. ‘Scouting’ is the App name, id: 528657. Thanks