Hi everyone is there any possibility to send...

(Anthony DEDE) #1

Hi everyone

is there any possibility to send via workflow a picture taken? I can see only PDF/text format in attachment available

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Anthony_DEDE,

Could you please add a bit more about what exactly you are looking for?

Based on description, presume you wish to send pictures through email, using workflows.

If so, you can include columns related to photos in workflow templates. You can also include image columns in “Other Attachments” option of the workflow configuration pane.

In workflow templates the general syntax is <<[Image]>> .

In other attachments, the general syntax is [Image] where image is the name of the picture column.

(Anthony DEDE) #3


Thanks for the quick feedback! I would like to send the picture in attachment (not in the body of the mail)

Thanls in advance

Kind regards