Hi everyone! Just had a quick question about...

(Jon Simmons) #1

Hi everyone!

Just had a quick question about the toggle “Include Show columns in detail views” in the UX > Options.

Does that mean we can have a “tabbed” detail view of our submitted data… not just while editing a “tabbed” form?

If not - does anyone have any ideas as to how a “tabbed” detail view can be achieved? I mean - it’s a bit odd to edit your data in tabbed UI… and view it in an endless scroll…


Hi @Jon_Simmons This is not possible yet. Please upvote for this in the feature request app.

(Henry Scott) #3

@Jon_Simmons,@Lynn I logged this in the Feature Request App. Upvote it https://www.appsheet.com/feature-requests#appName=FeatureRequestsapp-549349&group=[{“Column”%3A"Category"%2C"Order"%3A"Ascending"}]&page=detail&row=H2Vy1SHX&search=&sort=[{“Column”%3A"Votes"%2C"Order"%3A"Descending"}%2C{“Column”%3A"_RowNumber"%2C"Order"%3A"Descending"}]&table=Open+Topics+Slice&view=Topics_Detail

(James W Rezin) #4

You can create a seperate Detail form for each section(Tab - use slices) of the Record and then place them in a Dashboard View. I use this methodology quite extensively.

(Henry Scott) #5

+JW R do you have a Sample App to share. Do not understand how you do it

(James W Rezin) #6

@Henry_Scott Sorry for delay, see a very basic app that does what I am suggesting. Cpy the app and then review. If you have questions let me Know. appsheet.com - James Rezin- SBP - portfolio of mobile apps created with AppSheet James Rezin- SBP - portfolio of mobile apps created with AppSheet appsheet.com

(Henry Scott) #7

+JW R no problem. we are all busy and I understand. Thank you for responding. Will check it out

(Jon Simmons) #8

Just a quick update - i managed to achieve this actually within 2min. I simply created a new column called “Show/Hide” and gave it a number.

Then using actions and the show_if field I made columns appear/disappear based on the action selected.

The only downside that i noticed is that the app syncs whenever you select a tab.

Other than that, there’s no slicing or dicing data…