Hi everyone :) One of my app shows many probl...

(Stephane Grimaud) #1

Hi everyone :slight_smile: One of my app shows many problems. Strange ones!


  • some “Show if” works fine with some fields, but not with another fields (fields are both “text” type) - some field text with a “Valid if” are shown as “Enum”

Tested with Chrome 67 and the last Firefox.

Any idea?

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Stephane_Grimaud,

  1. On show_if, request you to check the setting in app editor under UX>Options and set the setting "“Apply show-if constraints universally”, this will apply your show_if settings all across app instead of just for form views.

  2. On Valid_if, I request you to check if any of your Valid_if expressions a returning a list of values instead of checking a condition as Yes/No

Hope this helps in some ways.

(Stephane Grimaud) #3

@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks for your answer! Step 1 was set to ON . I tried OFF but nothing changes Step 2 was already checked : the test is OK (the returning results are OK)

The “Show if” works only… when I choose a value in the previous field!

So: I still have the same problems…

(Stephane Grimaud) #4

@Stephane_Grimaud Strange: the “Show If” works fine with “Number type” fields but not with “Text fields”

(Stephane Grimaud) #5

@Stephane_Grimaud In progres… It works when a text field began with a number. It works for the 2 first fields. But it’s still the mess when I apply it to my 12 text fields!