Hi everyone, Questions I need to ask before ...

(C Kass) #1

Hi everyone,

Questions I need to ask before I go any further…

  1. When I White Label the app, am I able to sell this to individual businesses and those businesses then have a secure copy of the app that only I can access for errors etc? 2. If so, how does the billing system work? 3. If unable to sell individual copies of the app through White Labelling the app, how do other do something similar?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - Yes you can create your own admin version and that you can use without Whitelabelling. #2 - If you use PRO plan for you app, the admin version is in the account and it doesn’t cost you more. #3 - I couldn’t understand this question.

(Stephen Mattison) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Will you please explain your “Admin App version is in the account” you mentioned in above, with regards to “doesn’t cost more” and “without Whitelabeling”?

I need some knowledge!


As I understand, if an App utilizes the Appsheet secure sign-in features USEREMAIL() & USERNAME() it will cost $10 per user, per App, with normal App USEREMAIL() & USERNAME() security setup and usage.

With your Admin version statement, are you talking about an advanced App security setup that would include your own custom-built security feature, such as a Password generator/feature that would be used instead of using USEREMAIL() & USERNAME(), that would essentially bypass these Appsheet security functions/features that would normally incur $10ea/app cost?

If so, I need to learn how to do this!

I have several cool Apps that can’t support $10/User/Month, for example Student Apartment Mgmt, where tenant would only really need to use the App a couple times per month, nine months of the year, but bulletproof data security would be quite essential.

Some of my Clients have 1,000+ rental units, they will not pay $10,000+ per month (unfortunately!) to automate their rental process.

I need a bulletproof (but easy-haha!) Security/Sign-in solution for this “many Users/tiny usage” scenario.


(Aleksi Alkio) #4

@Stephen_Mattison I was thinking this… If you have a PRO account and you need to have an admin version, you are probably using the Whitelabel app already and when the app is in the same account, it will have the same user than the other app already. Because it’s a per user plan, you can have as many apps as you like in the same account. The admin version would be one of those.

With students, you probably don’t need Pro plan, Premium could be enough and with 50% Non Profit discount it could be $2.5/user/month. Do you think that would be doable?

(Stephen Mattison) #5


This could be doable.

Will learn your Admin ways.


(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Sometimes the price can be too much but the user amount is too small for corporate plan. Then one solution could be the “Non Profit” Standard plan with Security filter FALSE. Users can fill the data with the app and they need to sign in, but if they need to know the data, they will have it with the email. For that purpose you need one Pro account where you can send the data once in a day. Not very nice way, but at least the price could be smal enough and the app could work. The other way is that they won’t have the app at all.