Hi everyone! The AppSheet Office Hours episod...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Hi everyone! The AppSheet Office Hours episode from yesterday is posted.

Here’s what we went over:

Walk-through of column constraints: Valid_If, Show_If, and Editable_If | 14:40

How to split forms in two using slices | 24:34

Is there a limitation of what works in AppSheet in terms of functions compared to Excel? | 31:13

How to combine two different row filter conditions | 37:29

Right now you have open text for the description if the audit fails. Is it possible to turn that field into a selection rather than just open text? | 46:28

Dropdowns demo | 50:03

In a report, is there a way to just summarize instead of including all the details in the form? | 55:13

Referring to the machine repair scenario, we were doing a one-to-one relationship: one machine needs only one repair. How would I change it if one machine can have many repair requests associated with it? | 59:31


Thanks for sharing this way!

Great for people (like me) that could not tune in this time…