Hi everyone! The latest App Making Fundamenta...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Hi everyone! The latest App Making Fundamentals video is posted on YouTube.

You can sign up for the next webinar here: https://bit.ly/2z9sSk3

Here are the questions and topics we cover in the video:

Team functionality in AppSheet | 6:00

Walkthrough of the equipment inspection app | 6:50

How to set up your data | 16:30

How to get your data into the app and customize it | 19:00

How to leverage different column types so that you can use images, drawings, and forms | 22:50

How to reference another table with column types | 25:40

How to enable barcode scanning | 26:46

How to conditionally show an image | 28:05

How to set up UX views | 32:34

How to set up and customize a dashboard view

to show facilities, inspections, and audits. | 34:39

How to create format rules to customize the appearance of the map and other views | 38:38

How to work with automatically generated actions and create your own | 43:13

How to trigger a workflow when something doesn’t pass the audit | 46:02

Could I create sales reports for technicians? | 51:55

How to make a dropdown without creating a reference | 53:23

(Colin) #2

Urgh! American Date format in your cover/title slide! Can you please use the word for the month? At least at a glance, we out in the International Locations don’t get confused…