Hi everyone, These few days thanks to the sup...

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #1

Hi everyone, These few days thanks to the support of this community, I have been able to create an app that collects answers for a series of questions and put it in google sheets.

Next, I want to create a simple report and generate automated email for every new row added.

What I want to do is to send details about the questions to which the answer is “NO” 1. Scan all the values in the new of the table and check for any value that matches “NO”. 2. If the value is “NO” , set it as the start cell. Then collect the next 3 columns of the same row and display it

in something like this

Details of NO response to the question << Column Name of start cell >>

Detail 1 : <<Value of start cell + 1>> Detail 2 :<< Value of the start cell + 2>> Detail 3 : <<Value of start cell + 3 >>

  1. Then again do 1 and 2 until the row is finished.

Is this logic possible?

edit : I didn’t realize that you had to save the app for the create button to appear. I was thinking I just had to create the workflow for it to appear.

TL;DR How do i use IF or IFS expression to show certain selective information in my report? If the value of a cell is NO, i want to show certain information in the report that I would otherwise not show. How to use conditional branching in report generation?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask how many columns do you have totally?