Hi everyone! We started Season 2 of AppSheet ...

(Madeline Clarke [AppSheet]) #1

Hi everyone! We started Season 2 of AppSheet Office Hours yesterday and the video is now up on YouTube.

We answered questions on Spec, interactive dashboards, and deep links. Here’s the list:

Tell me more about the Spec thingy | 4:21

What is the type of user who is going to be using Spec more often? (Follow-up) | 15:12

Using as a base the Interactive Dashboard and Slice by Date sample apps, how can I mix both to have an enum that creates dynamic buttons based on expressions like “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Current Week”, etc? | 19:40

I’m assuming that this query table is shared among users. If another user changes the this filter unexpectedly, the filter value would be changed over - how can each user have their own filter without being affected by other users’ edits? (Follow-up) | 36:11

What is the most efficient way to trigger a workflow rule through an action button? | 41:30

Deep links demo | 44:32

How do I write deep links in workflow rules? | 59:54

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Sweet, ty!