Hi everyone, we're looking for people interes...

(Tony Fader) #1

Hi everyone, we’re looking for people interested in testing out a new feature that lets you use voice commands with your app, similar to Siri or Google Assistant.

Take a look at this video and let me know if you’re interested in trying it out and giving feedback.



(Fernando López) #2

I want to try. Excellent work @tony

(Pieter Botha) #3

WOW Tony. THIS IS GREAT!!! Great work

(Janis Majors) #4

Hi Tony, that’s great. Please add me to the test. Thanks!

(Abu Md. Moniruzjaman) #5

Hi Tony, its awesome. Pls add me to ur test list. Thnx

(Tommy Chan) #6

Great work. Please add me to the test.

(Tony Fader) #7

Thanks everyone. I’ve added your accounts to the trial. You should be able to use this starting tomorrow afternoon (Seattle time). Please email your feedback right to me: tony@appsheet.com

Just a couple of limitations that I want to note: - English only for now - Your device must be online - Web and Android only for now


(Fernando López) #8

Thanks!! @tony

(Stephen Mattison) #9

@tony Cool, Thanks!

(Tarek Abualela (‫مهندس/طارق أبو العلا‬)) #10


Can you add me , my account ID is 553416

Thank you a lot , I appreciate your amazing work , thank you again

(Tony Fader) #11

Sure thing +Tarek Abualela Translate

(Tony Fader) #12

(Should be live now)

(Stephen Mattison) #13

It is LIVE, and it is GLORIOUS!

TY Brilliant AS people!!

I thought this would be using Google Search somehow, but it appears that it is writing custom expressions on the fly, is this correct? How does it work?


To save space, I often run my Column names together for things that only Admin will look at, so instead of Deadline Date it’s [DeadlineDate].

When I just asked my new Search View “show me all Clients with deadlines in October”, it gave me the exact perfect results, even though my column name is not really even a word, squished together like that, SO smart!

“Show me all of Nastassia’s Clients” instantly gave me perfect results! I will, however, consider Search Protocol more now when choosing Column, Table, View


(Grant Stead) #14

Throw me in the hat please… (GOOGLE) Account ID: 297211

(Syed Faheemuddin) #15


Hi I accidentally made two accounts on appsheet With same email ID. one with google and the other with office365. This problem arose because I have same domain for both google and office365 Is there any way to merge them both You gave the access to my other account on office365. Can you add me with Account ID: 702142

(Tony Fader) #16

@Sdfaheemuddin It’ll be active for you on our next deploy (at latest tomorrow)

@Stephen_Mattison Your app definition and your data values give a huge hint to the system about what something like “show me all of natassia’s clients” could possibly mean. It looks at the names of your tables, their columns, their relationships, and their data values and use that to guide its interpretation.

(Grant Stead) #17

@tony does it look at display names and descriptions?

(Stephen Mattison) #18

@tony Yes, of course, I built this App last week, HAHA!. Using smarter words in the future.


(Tony Fader) #19

@Grant_Stead No, but that’s a good idea! It’d be nice to customize where it looks in the app definition for key words and phrases.

(Grant Stead) #20

@tony especially since the description and display text is what the user actually sees